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Running an R33 GTR on a 2wd dynapack chassis dyno

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Just after a little help on whether this is possible or not. Basically I have had my R33 GTR mapped by a "specialist company" who are reputable but unfortunately I think they rushed it there's a few issues I want to sort out. It's running a link G4+ pnp ECU and they put a password on it. I want to remap it for three reasons 1, to sort out the idle and cold start issues that it currently has. 2, so that I have a map to start with when I rebuild the engine and push the power levels further (currently running 525whp on standard internals, going fully forged with all the goodies). and 3, so that I can show what I can do and try and push a new business venture building and mapping cars ( www.flamingimpsracing.com ).

So the question is, is there an "easy way" of running my R33 GTR on a 2wd dynapack chassis dyno without having to jack up the front of the car and disconnect the front prop shaft? I have tried pulling the fuse for the Attesa system and that doesn't work, I have fitted a 4wd controller to it and tried the knobs in the RWD position, that also doesn't work. I've the car on the dyno and tried both and the front wheels keep on spinning. If there is any body out there that has done it please let me know. Any help would be appreciated. If the only way is to disconnect the front propshaft then how would this affect the torque/power output to the rear wheels?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Colin, I have only ever run the R33/R34 in 4WD mode personally however there are a couple of techniques mentioned on the SAU forum here https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/379620-putting-r33-gtr-into-rwd/

Please note that I can’t comment on this technique from personal experience so I would advise caution and if you choose to follow the steps then you do so at your own risk.

Doing an entire dyno session on a wet clutch that isn't designed to see any significant velocity difference sounds like asking for trouble if the car will run happily with the front shaft out.

Thanks for the link Andre. Looking through that and also what Michael said I think it safest to just disconnect the front propshaft and remove it.

Thanks for the assistance.

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