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S2000 broken transmission

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Hi everyone,

after going sideways in the rain with my s2k, the transmission started doing harsh sounds when engaged.

The noise only completely disappears if I disengage the clutch and the car is not moving.

When I disengage the clutch and the car is moving, it still produces the noise but much quieter.

As soon as the clutch is engaged the noise is as loud as it gets.

Can someone guess what exactly might have failed? I'm assuming its a bearing on the Input shaft, but I have no idea which one it would or could be.

Can I drive like this without risking the health of my crankshaft? I heard that the transmission could last quite a while like this but I'm afraid I might do damage to the engine.

Yikes, thats not a good sound. I'm going to say input shaft bearing based on when it happens.