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Satisfying suspension video (Öhlins in Rallycross)

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I'm a helper in my friends Rallycross team.

SuperNational Rallycross in Norway.

We recorded this video, out of interest of how much work the suspension is actually doing, I'm very impressed actually. Very satisfying to watch too :)


Awesome video, is it normal for a rallycross car to spend so much of its time on the helper spring?

That's an awesome angle man, thanks for sharing =)

Awesome video Magnar!

@Reqyz , I don't know, but many of them run so soft rear spring that they basically wheelie under acceleration. Also the Track is really bumby. Not just small bump/holes, but also long bumps so you are basically jumping. Usually there is also one at least one spot where jump properly. The curbs are also extremely agressive on many places, so the inner wheel basically "takes off" and jump over the curbs.

Yeah, regarding all the travel at the helper spring. I'm not too deeply involved in the setup, but I understand that there are big compromises to be made when racing on loose gravel and clean tarmac on the same track.

When all load is on the opposite wheel, there is almost no weight left on this. They don't want spring pressure to lift the car on this side, and if the anti roolbar were adjusted harder, it would not be good for the lower traction corners.

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