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SEMA and PRI 2018

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Who's going? I'll probably wont make it to SEMA, but PRI is on the table. Drinks anyone? :)

nobody planning on going to either event?

Not at the moment. None of my friends asked me about it yet lol.

We will be at SEMA mate :)

Flight and hotel for PRI2018 are booked... will fly in on Wednesday, and fly out on Saturday before noon.

I figured I wont attend the show on its last day, because most of the exhibitors are already understandably exhausted anyways and the crowd on Saturday isn't much interested in the tech stuff anyways. But three days there should make for a fun trip and enough time to meet familiar faces ;)

Have fun, chaps, I'm a little jealous.

BTW, if you hang around to the end and they are clearing up, you can sometimes get really good deals on the display stuff as they are often keen to get rid of it and avoid all the hassle of packing up, etc. Especially merchandise that is specific to the event as it can't be used elsewhere.

so, who's in for scotch or two? ... it's only 3 weeks to PRI2018 :)

Andre, Ben and Jono from HPA will be there, and no doubt filming flat out like normal. Not sure if Ben is organizing another HPA meetup or not yet. Feel free to peer pressure him haha

OK cool ... BEN, Andre, Jono ... Scotch? :)

It's just past now that I'm reading this.

I've wanted to go to PRI for a while, but it isn't open to the public so I haven't found a convenient way in just yet.... Next year the plan is to try and tag along with someone in exchange for scotch.

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