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Sensor fluctuations

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Attached is a log of a track day from a few weeks ago,

Car ran nicely apart from a few teething issues. but looking back over the data, I am concerned the oil and coolant temps fluctuate to much especially when you compare to engine (alternator speed), could I be having a voltage off set issue or does it all seem normal to the experienced guys out there?

car is nothing flash just a 3sgte making 260awhp, Haltech sensors used through out, new alternator, battery in boot using 2 gauge power and ground.

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Having a look at the data quickly, it appears that you have logged a number of the channels at 1hz, for these sorts of channels where the values can change rapidly such as oil pressure, then the minimum rate that you should be logging at is 10hz. Do you have the data in an actual log file, rather than a csv that has to be manipulated to get it to display the data?

There also appeared to be a number of holes in the data traces, where the data hasn't been logged, is this normal with your setup?

thanks BlackRex,

I do use lower sample rates to try and get the log time I need, I like to log a complete lap (about a minute). hence some of the sample rates are low, I run a dash so its not a huge concern. (haltech has a small internal memory).

I have attached a data log file, (haltech) im not sure what the holes are I will investigate.

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was thinking about this further, given as voltage goes up recorded temperature should actually drop not rise.

given this then, unless with the fans running, injectors maxing and coils all maxing at high RPM is it possible that this could increase the circuit resistance (poor ground) noticeably?

I suspect I am being paranoid but just wanted some other peoples opinions.

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