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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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So far it's just an excel spreadsheet, but I'm planning to make it run as a standalone program (learning java right now).

I make it mostly for myself, but I was wondering if anyone here would be interested by that.

The screenshot is just the engine tab (minus few stuff that I forget to add), but I also made a gearbox tab and I think about adding a suspension tab and a "toolbox".

(but most peoples here might not be interested by that since it has nothing to do with engine tuning)

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Thats pretty cool!

Wow that's really impressive! Good work. It could be a very useful resource!

It would be very useful if there will be some limits included. For example for that cylinder block design don`t exceed definite point of piston acceleration/velocity or limits of cylinder pressure based on compression rate/dynamic compression rate for forced induction engines. There is some information need to collect from people who has an opportunity to use some testing equipment. If there was such person I would send him some engine parts for breaking test.

Very nice, sir :) I've done very very similar spreadsheets - almost identical, actually! Funnily enough just last weekend I started on a new project after one too many conversation with people regarding things like cam timing versus bottom end geometry and also injector timing (lol Andre) so have started building something which allows you to put all the same details in along with optional pulse width/injector time/ignition timing, and use controls to choose a crank angle and engine speed to visualize where VO/VC/Injection/Spark events will occur. I had ummed and ahhed about whether to have comparisons or just focus on one engine profile as well, but early days yet.

Thanks Tommy and Andre :)

GRaF, well limits are inherent to too many things to be properly implemented.

For the piston acceleration/velocity for example, you have to taking into account the crankshaft design, design and rigidity of the block, of course the material used for the whole assembly (pistons / connecting rods / crankshaft) and certainly many other parameters.

Of course there are general rules of thumb so I could always add safety warnings, but accurate limits I doubt it.

Same things goes for compression ratio on naturally aspirated or forced induction engines.

Take a look at rallycross engines for example.

2L, ~600hp with a 45mm restrictor, up to 12.5:1 compression ratio (allowed by the regulation but most of them are around 10.5:1) and around 3bar of boost with VP100 fuel !

Obviously you can't expect to do hundred thousand of km with an engine like that, but just to tell you that the limits are not something you define precisely without knowing all the specifics.

If you are looking for something that give you all the details, there is already dedicated software on the market for that (like Engine Analyser Pro)

You can't expect the same level of details for free and from an hobbyist like me.

Lith, I had the same thought about having or not comparison. Right now it doesn't take much space on my spreadsheet and it give me visual confirmation of the changes.

I would love to make a graph of the full spectrum on the engine (including all the EFI features like injection and ignition, pressure waves etc...) but it takes time.

I just realized I actually never posted the file...

So, here is the "beta" (only the engine tab in excel format)

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Looks awesome cant wait to play with it later after work!

Thanks Ludo80! Good work

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