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Shoutout to Link Thunder or Fury users with lambdas hooked up to their internal controllers...

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Or anyone using LSU 4.9 sensors for that matter.

Anyone had a sensor dying on them? If not how long have you been using the setup? What Controllers are you using? If one broke down on you how long did it last and on what controller?

It isnt uncommon for theese sensors dying in the aftermarket world. In the OEM world the sensors lasts for years and years without issues at all (close to all cars are delivered with them from the factory). The frequent failure rate is often blamed on the controllers and im not gonna argue with this. After all the only difference between oem and aftermarket is often the controller.


I have had 2 LSU 4.9 fail in the last 12 months (on a race car on pump gas, 56 races) when using them with the G4+ Fury.

I also was going through about 1 every 6-8 weeks when using them on our Dynapak dyno with MoTec PLM controllers.

I know a lot of issues with the 4.9 people put down to the controllers and I believe recently there has been an update release from Innovate to try rectify this on their controllers.

We used to use the Motec plm controllers with NTK Sensors for our dyno which I think was the best combination. The sensors would last around 10-12 months of daily use/abuse.

Damn, I've not actually had an O2 sensor fail yet though clearly not getting the same kind of use as you guys - I thought the Bosch LSU4.9s were design with the intention of running up lots of kms reliably, though have heard of people get VERY short life spans... normally as mentioned, attributed to certain controllers.

Will watch this thread for more info.

Yes im following closely to (As i should as im to OP ;)

Reason i started it is i resently blew my third one since June. And thats with little actual driving. Maybe 5-6 tanks of fuel this season. I have been tuning a bit though. Also setting up launch and traction control based on fuelcut...

We've been running a Link G4+ Fury on our Online Practice Dyno here for the last 8 months and we're still on the original sensor. I've also run an LSU 4.9 with an Innovate LTC on our Toyota 86 for a period of about 6 months (10,000 km) use and it gave no trouble.

As Chris mentioned, I've found the LSU 4.2 to be next to useless on my old dyno and if I could get 2 months from a sensor I'd be very happy. The NTK on the other hand is very reliable and would easily do 12 months or more.

While the controller is a possible area for concern, I believe many (including Link) are using the genuine Bosch controller and hence this shouldn't be a problem. Sensor location is a problem many overlook, and the sensor can be damaged quickly by exposure to moisture as well as vibration.

Yeah.. My ecu are using Bosch controllers as well so sensor location have been up for debate.

Any thoughts on mine?

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It looks like your sensor location is ok to me (I'll assume that is the top of the dump pipe?). I typically mount the sensor a little further from the turbine outlet, however these sensors are rated at a continuous operating temp of 930 deg C and you shouldn't be anywhere near that post turbo so you 'should' be ok.

The only thing I'd consider is that during cold start/warmup when there is moisture in the exhaust, the turbine wheel is likely to 'swirl' this moisture around the wall of the exhaust dump. I'll admit I'm stretching here but if this is resulting in moisture entering the sensor then this could possibly explain your poor sensor life. If it was me, I'd try mounting the sensor a little further down the exhaust and see if that changes sensor life. That's really the only suggestion I can offer.

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