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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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I’m thinking of 1.5 jz + bmw dct conversion in Soarer . The car never had abs , what are the options to get the speed reading?

I can't recall what ECU you're using, but some will interface with a GPS receiver to give speed and distance covered.

If your legislation required a physical measuring method, some have used sensors to pick up signals from propellor shaft flange bolts, disk retaining bolts or if you pick up a ring and sender from an ABS equiped vehicle, you could use that as a signal. Any of those can be used as a speed signal for the ECU, if supported. Heck, infra-red and RADAR pickups that measure ground-speed have even been used, but that's a bit beyond me.

Those are, of course, if the gearbox can't be fitted with a speedo' gear signal generator.

Will be running Ecumaster EMU BLACK