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SR20DET, Should I run an idle control valve

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Wanting to know if I should incorporate an idle control valve back into my SR20DET (S13) for help with cold start and idle control.

Currently the car doesn't have any of that stuff in it and didn't when I got it running a microtech LT10s. But moving forward and trying to get the best out of this setup is it worth getting something like this to add back in for the ECU.

I am going to run a Link G4x Monsoon for reference.



For a road car it is very nice to have idle air control. But a 4 wire stepper motor like you linked is not an option with a Monsoon, it can only control solenoid type valves (a solenoid type is usually 2 or 3 wires). If you don't have the option of putting the original Nissan valve back on, then the common 2 or 3 wire Bosch idle valves are often a nice easy option since they just connect via hose barb type ports. Since it looks like you are in NZ - Brand new they are a bit pricey, but if you go to pick-a-part or zebra etc you will find them in many euro cars from 90's-00's, BMW, VW etc, around $20 will get you one with the mating plug still attached. Can also get cheap clones on aliexpress etc but I have never tried any, I've usually got a 2nd hand one sitting around.

You can get them with inline ports or right angle ports, most look like this:



Thanks for the reply @Adam. My manifold is a custom built one that deleted the factory IACV but could plumb something back in.

Might have to go for a mission to a pick a part sometime soon and see what I can dig out.

Just a thanks Adam, pick a part in wellington had a fee euros and I picked up this. Any chance you could let me know the pin out for this please.

Thanks alot for the info to track one down, really appreciate it.


Center pin to ignition switched 12V source. Two outside pins to either aux 1&2 or 3&4 (have to use these auxes due to open/close working in sync). If it appears to work backwards the change the Aux active state setting to the opposite.

Set frequency to 200Hz and min clamp to 20% for this valve (20% is fully closed, valve actually starts to open again below 20%).

Thanks again, truly appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.

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