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sti do not maintein pressure

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hello friends I have a problem with a sti 2017 usdm that is not able to maintain turbo pressure (although it is under pressure of wastegate spring)

load normal pressure and well within the range up to 5000 rpm (17 psi)

but reaching 5500 rpm the pressure drops to 8 psi and it does not go beyond that, it is as if the throttle closed or in my way of thinking the ecu is protected.

the vehicle is mapped with COBB and has precision wastegate set

Any idea what might be happening? I've tried everything but I still can't solve the problem

the funny thing is that reaching 5500 rpm app the throttle position in the cobb marks 0 but in the datalogg 100%

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sorry i cant see the pic clear enough but a question for you is the 100 shown and the 0 shown on tp actually tp or is one showing ap ( pedal position )

normally it would be a limit reached like torque limit or the likes of this

regards ross

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