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STI v11 GRB intercooler options when you cant modify the factory bumper crash bar at all... (What did HP do with their one?)

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Heya - does anyone have any input on this one?

I'm trying to find options to upgrade over the factory intercooler but in the country I live in (New Zealand) we have strict and monitored certification laws for changes allowed to cars and one is "you cant modify the factory bumper crash bar" - which stops me being able to run any of the front mount kits I have found that are out there at the moment.

All the top mount replacement options I've found seem to be bar and plate cores which would cause problems when they heatsoak and the car does spend some of its time in city traffic headsoaking which sucks.

All the front mount kit options require the factory crash bar to be replaced or removed (illegal for a street car here in NZ and would void your insurance in any accidents - but tonnes of places sell them anyway dangit)

my options seem to be

- custom pipework and a water to air bullet shaped intercooler that fits under the crash bar in the front of the car - plazmaman make good intercoolers like this - how good are water to air coolers if you run a heat exchanger for them and a reasonable size water reservoir? do they heatsoak or have other issues?

- water or water/meth injection and a water sprayer over the factory intercooler - has anyone tried running water or water/meth injection on a subaru manifold with a top mount before at all? where did the injector get mounted into because it doesnt look like theres much of a plenum to install one into that would give even distribution to all the cylinders and the only other place i can think of would be the intercooler endtank closest to the throttlebody

or should i just have a water sprayer over the intercooler and live with that?

or... has anyone in nz managed to get a front mount certified for use on a GRB bodyshell? Or an aftermarket crashbar?

What did you do with the GRB you guys had @HP Academy?

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