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Street car - wanting a FAST oil cooling solution - use a factory water cooling block - or aftermarket oil cooler block and lines and radiator?

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Heya - next thing on the cards is I'm looking at is adding in oil temp and pressure sensors as the factory setup doesn't have them.

The usual options for a diy person not going through a performance workshop are either

a) a sensor block - sits between the oil filter and whatever is on the engine block (eg factory oil cooler with water lines to it) and you have sensors in the sensor block.


b) an oil thermostat block - sits between the filter and the engine block - you run an external oil cooler (radiator style connected by oil hoses to the thermostat block) and don't run any factory solution like (a) might have in the system - and the sensors go into the oil thermostat block.

my engine has a factory oil cooler block - it sits between the oil filter and the engine block and is water cooled - so i think that it holds the oil temp close to the coolant temp - well in my in theory anyways.

Question time :

Does anyone know what is going to be the time difference in oil coming up to a stable temp between my factory setup (water cooled block between filter and engine) and an aftermarket external oil cooler with a thermostat but no water jacket?

If its going to be quicker to come up to temp with a full external cooler and no water jacket - then i'll do that

If its going to be quicker to come up to temp with the water jacket factory system - then i'll run a plate in between that and the filter and slap in the sensors there.

This is for a street car with very limited track time - not a race car

Opinions anyone? My guess is i'd end up running a plate on the factory setup for the sensors as itll bring the oil up to operating temp faster than an external cooler would.

The reason why I'm asking about time frames is the engine runs variable cam angle control (honda k20a) - and that control is drastically affected by oil temps.

eg if it takes say 10 mins for oil temp to come up to 85c - ish deg - will it be longer or shorter if you run a "proper" external oil cooler with the correct thermostat?

It is quite possible for a road car with an external cooler to not get the oil temp up high enough, even with a thermostat on the line.

Exactly the information I was hoping to find - thanks heaps for that - I'll focus on a sensor plate instead and keep the factory oil to water cooler setup - cheers!

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