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Subaru Gearbox Rebuilds - Anybody done one?

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Have a 5 speed turbo subaru gearbox from a 2009 subaru forester XT.

Wondering if anybody has rebuilt one of these, if so could share some of there knowledge in things to watch out for, or to be mindful of.

Having built a few motors, but not done a gearbox, it would be nice to know what I should be in for :)

I've done plenty but not for some time so some things not as fresh in my memory. Depends to what extent you're stripping it down and what parts you're replacing. They're fairly easy but there is a bit of a knack to getting the tail case/transfer case off with the selector shaft/arm. The key thing is to ensure you have the correct bearing preloads when you put it back together (mainly diff) and shim/adjust to get correct CWP mesh. There are specific service tools in the manual but I've been successful with engineers blue and putting it together/taking it apart a few times till I'm happy.

Thanks for the advice!

The box is just making a whine noise no matter what gear its in.

Gears selected fine, just concerned about the whine, the car also felt like you were driving slightly with the brakes on, so i think something was dragging from the drivetrain - related to the whining noise.

Goes away when you press the clutch pedal down so I assume its a gearbox issue - The car had been driven about 5km with 3 of the 4 CV's selected, so the front left side would have gotten alot of torque put through it I assume, shortly after the car was repaired the whine started

Hoping its just a bearing - what are your thoughts Chris ?

So the box is apart and to my eyes, i can't seem to find a problem....I found some debris in the case but thats it...

How can I tell if the bearings are bad other then obvious signs?

The whine was not super loud so I suspect I caught it early, but if someone has some guidance that would be great!

Are you SURE it was the gearbox?

Sometimes the release bearing can be noisy when lightly loaded (usually hydraulic, but also some mechanically operated systems, have the release bearing lightly contacting the P/P fingers) but when depressed, and loaded, it quietens down.

Not sure what you mean about CVs engaged?

Its funny you mention that Gord, as I had a similar theory a few hours after having it apart.

The throw out bearing is fairly new and had been replaced recently, but perhaps it has been in constant contact with the fingers as you have said, as it seems a bit noisy when spinning by hand for something I would still consider a "new part".

It has prematurely worn out - its a little noisy when I spin it with my finger and could behave been binding under load (when pressing the clutch down)

Perhaps I need to adjust the clutch pedal to take off the pressure from the bearing, perhaps somebody had adjusted it in the past to help the aid of the wearing out clutch? Who knows, the car is 10 years old now.

RE the CV's - recently had one coming apart under hard acceleration (long story short it was a bad engine mount giving way under hard loads)