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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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As a student, I learn and retain information best when I take notes. Has the idea of creating a study guide for each course ever been looked into?

How I would structure it would be as a simple word document that has the module names as subheadings and in each section there would be questions and a space to type out the answers. For example, in the "Introduction to Engine Tuning" course, there would be a section called "What is EFI?" The Question could be something along the lines of "What is the purpose of EFI?" with a hint of "To supply the correct amount of _____ and ______, ignited at the right time in the _____ ______"

In another portion of a different study guide, an assignment might be to write out the HPA ten step process.

If done correctly, the study guide can be a reference for the beginning tuner to print out and glance back at when in the middle of a tuning process.

You're 100% right, a study guide is a great idea and would make a valuable addition to the courses. It's something we do intend to implement in time. Thanks for the suggestion.