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Throttle bodies from suzuki hyabusa gen 2 on a ford escort mk 2 rs2000

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Does anyone know how possible is to fit throttle bodies from suzuki hyabusa gen2 on a ford escort mk2 rs2000? And ofcourse work properly.


It's possible to do that, you need to adapt to a manifold something like shown here:


Hi david

I just show the link you send me!

I appreciate that!

But I think these throttles bodies are from gen1 hayabusa and these have got 4injectors instead of 8 of gen2 .also these bodies have 1 throttle on each body instead gen2 that have 2.

I have already the throtle bodies of gen2 and I'm looking to fit them and work properly.

Can your ECU handle staged injection? You will want to operate using the lower injectors for the first 30-40% throttle, then open the upper injectors when there is sufficient airflow, as I believe they spray almost horizontal into the airstream above the throttle plate. You will probably need to remove the secondary throttles unless your ECU can be wired to control the stepper motor that i think is used. I have a GSXR1000 engine in a sports racer run by a Motec M130 that has a similar throttle bodies.

Fitting different throttle bodies is primarily a mechanical / plumbing problem.

I have the EMUblack that handle staged injectors.but I'm not sure if the stepper motor can be controlled by the ECU.But if it is possible I'm on the right way...right?

There is nothing that can't be done -- if you really want to. What are you planning to do for the manifold? Are you going to convert an existing manifold, purchase something, or make a new one from scratch?

I agree with you! Nothing that can't be done if you really want to!!

I will make one new from scratch....I've already start to drawing on the autocad...

You mentioned two sets of throttle butterflies? One set is normally the one operated by the rider and the second is operated by the ECU as part of the traction control - if so, you're going to need to remove the second set and efficiently plug the shaft holes.

As for the sizing, that is usually down to the power each 'body is expected to support and as that's ~50hp for the bike, the car at 35-65hp, depending on the rest of the setup, should be comfortabe with that.

Yes 2 sets of throttle butterflies...so...if I understand good the one set of butterflies operating with (TPS if I understand) and the other set from the ECU (which has got bigger butterflies) from traction control?

As I understand it - might be wrong, though.

You think that with two sets of butterflies is not possible to work properly or it doesn't work at all?

There is an easy solution to get started. Just remove the upper throttle plates, leaving the throttle shaft in position. We did that with stock suzuki ECUs when we put the engines in cars all the time.

Quite honestly, I wouldn't plan to use them at all. They could be used as more of a "cold start" choke. I do not believe in they were used for traction control in the models I'm familiar with.

I may well be thinking of different applications - some may have also been used for limiting torque in lower gears and assisting low rpm throttle response - but may be mistaken.

Did you find any difference between using the lower Vs upper throttles?

I've a similar set from a, I think, GSXR 1100 I got years ago for a still-born project somewhere in the garage.

I believe that on the lower rpm's the engine will be smoother on the road and on the higher rpm's the air will get inside with better speed as a result the combustion will go inside much better and with higher speed...so i believe that will help the VE...

That is my opinion and I want to try on my engine.

I talk about with lower and upper throttles and 8 injectors...

Hope to understand me


regarding the 2nd set of butterflies; this was a common Suzuki method of controlling torque delivery in the lower gears and not necessary; if you shut the throttle for torque intervention and traction control on a bike it induces understeer and low sides.

Regarding the 2nd set of injectors, it was more of an emissions thing on a GSXR1300 and again not really necessary as the 2 locations are too close together to get any real performance benefits. Typically on twin injector set ups on competition NA cars the 2nd injector is placed above the inlet trumpet or on top of the airbox lid on most bikes. Moving the 2nd injector as far away from the inlet valve as possible will give the most benefits due to the charge cooling effect of the fuel and charge mixing but it does require high gas speed to work well, think above 8000rpm. If your planning to those kind of speeds bike throttle bodies will become restrictive as most are 40 to 46mm in diameter whereas Jenvey's YB ITB kit is 48mm; typically 45mm is good for 46bhp and 48mm around 56bhp so you be limited to 180-190bhp on bike throttles, the Jenvey's should be good for 220-230bhp.

https://danstengineering.co.uk/ makes adaptors to fit bike carbs and throttle bodies to car engines for your information

I'd suggest removing the plates and plugging up the spindle holes and blocking the injector location closer to the head and just use the 4 rear locations or look at the single injector GSXR1000 throttle bodies.

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