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On a dyno. Been trying for 1 year to find some dynoshop that would let me rent dynotime but either they are not willing to rent time or they just have inertia dynos in their backyard.

Looking to start a new dynoshop in south Sweden Open during weekends and evenings.

still debating with myself if it's worth to invest in mainline AWD1200P new or buy a second hand unit from netherlands.

Anyone who has gone the same route and can help me in what direction i should go?

This will be done as a side-project from my day to day work as a systems-specialist so i will not take out any salary in my first phase.

What will i do?


*Standalone tuning


*ability to rent the dyno for diy tuning sessions.

*Ability to inform and let people learn how to tune and hopefully direct them to HPA.

*Too many tuners in this country seems to know everything and and only they can do this... i want to break the bad habits and hopefully start a more open community for enthiusiasts and hobbyists.

Just wanted to say good on you mate, wish this happened more around the world.

Im lucky to have a very good friend who has helped me in the past with Dyno Tuning and I am for ever in his dept. So I'm sure your circle of friends will support your venture and make it work for you.

As Brian said. I'd suggest making sure you don't undercharge, and also ensure you know what your legal liabilities are if there is a customer vehicle failure, with adaquate insurance cover, etc. Might pay to record everything just in case (s)he tells you to take it 500 rpm higher, after you've warned them of the risk, and it breaks, then (s)he claims they didn't and "you have to pay for it".

I'd also 'invest' in a few sundries, like a tray that can be slipped under the vehicle's engine during tests to catch oil/debris/fuel if the engine fails, fire extinguishers (including powder) and maybe one for magnesium - that is VERY hard to put out if you're ever in the unlikely position when it ignites and needs special extinguishers, adequate cooling and ventilation fans, etc.

Thx for the input.

Still chasing down some leads on financing but it seems to be great market in southern sweden for remaps and also Standalone tuning.

Not that familiar with the differing legislation in the Nordic countries, but it may also be a smart idea to check exactly what you can legally do to 'road' cars clients bring in re: emissions.

;) Emission laws in sweden is quite strange.

The short answer is yes there is something i'm not allowed EG. Removing of catalytic converter and removal of Particle filter.

However as long as the car have no fault codes and can pass thru emissions readiness/4-gas analyzer there is usually not any problems.

But yeah there is some things i cannot do to road cars.

My advice of 30 plus years dyno tuning,

Agreed with the comments from Gord and Brian, We as tuners have worked hard to get paid for what we have and I for one are lucky to have been paid to do what I love doing including tuning Brians car but to cover the high costs of training and the dyno and overheads it is not a cheap exercise and I advise to not be too cheap to protect your industry and those that do have to make a living from it.

I often see new tuners doing it for less than me and only lasting 12-24 months before being closed because they didn't take into account their overheads, and you must not hold accounts for anybody you are not a bank this is the number one bit of advice for you

regards Ross

Thanks a bunch :)

Still trying to collect all the information going forward.

establishing a company is not an easy task, with trying to get financing for all the equipment.

Prices in Sweden is relatively "expensive" About $150 USD for 3-pulls, halfday tuning standalone about 400 and 700 for 8 hour,

Stage 1 Remap is usually around 450 USD.

My rent will be 1000 USD,

Financing for the Dyno (pending on what kind of dyno i go with) 1300 USD per month for 60 months.

Either Dimsport, Kess, Autotuner = 1450 - 4000 USD + Subscription

Other cost like repainting the building, signage, Marketing etc About 15 000 upfront cost.

I really want to do this but i need to be 100% confident i can pay off the Dyno as quickly as i can.

I'm not in this to get rich quick. more like a way to get paid for doing what i think is fun :)

One way i was thinking of doing it initially was to resell tunes from likes of quantum or Viezu but i dont know if customers is up to the idea to pay 400 usd with no power figures associated and i hardly like the idea to logdata on the road in traffic.

Plant and machinery costs should be calculated over a three year period for pay back in most business scenarios. (it is in NZ as tax depreciation is done over a three year period for assets)

So my 2c would be to add all your costs of equipment and divide it by your expected number of tunes to work out where your break even point is. After the three years if you are still trading everything from that point on becomes profit and can re-invest in maintenance and upgrades.

In regards to your last comment about reselling tunes get a shop car or a friend who has the right model and do the comparison from stock to tuned, with a little social media you can prove that it is a worth while exercise for the money or you will see that no one could justify the cost if the benefits just aren't there. Marketing is key.

If i take the initial investment and divide that by 3 and add my overhead costs i need to have about 110 Customers per year to breakeven in 3 years time.

Seems almost too easy to achieve that if i use Guerilla marketing strategy and Social media Events with a couple of "dynodays" per year.

Brian brings up a good point - different countries will have different ways of factoring in taxes, etc, as costs, depreciation, etc. Some countries are quite generous in what you can offset against your taxes, others less so - might be worth investing in a visit to your local Better Business Bureau, or a business advisor, to see how you can mange things to your best benefit - some countries it's even deductable.

Thanks all. I'vem anaged to get a lease on a building and it will be read in January.

Thinking of going with a Dynomax from Dynomax.ee Prohub from mainline would be nice but need to keep Operating costs down and start small.

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