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So, here is my 260,000+ KM B18A1.. here 2 two of the cylinder walls.. to me it looks pretty bad.

Is it worth taking it to a machine shop, or should i just see about getting a new block or used block in better condition?

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Here is a video, of all of the cylinders.

Yes. It looks like someone has already had it apart for re-ringing, so it's well past it's 'use by' mileage.

I don't recall if these engines use a plated bore, or the more common cast iron liners - if the latter you'd be best off having it rebored with new pistons.

You may find a used block that's serviceable, but unless on a REALLY tight budget, or intending to flick it off, it's generally a false economy - especially when you consider the cost of the s/h block, and the time/money spent locating and getting it, would go a long way to offset the bore and pistons. Heck, even then, you may find the block isn't as good as you thought, and have to start over..

Thanks, i also had a friend say i could try boring it out to 81.5MM from the factory 81 MM and seeing how that goes. And i believe cast iron.

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