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Is it possible to tweak the colors of the forum slightly? The primary colors are a white background with gray graphics. The font colors come in as a medium gray and a light blue. On my 4K computer, the fonts are small enough that when combined with the colors, they become very difficult to read

Any suggestions on how to tweak this? I've posted a screenclip to show you what I am seeing. This is the post before I clicked "Post Reply"



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In order to pass your feedback on with a specific request and make sure I'm not incorrectly reporting what you're hoping for, are you hoping for more contrast i.e. darker grey or black text? Please let me know and I'll pass it along.


If the grey were darker as well as the blue darker, it would solve the issue.

You may have an option in your browser to increase the text size, too, similar to the option under the OS.


That has little to no effect on being able to see the posting clearly, however it does dramatically change other sites that have normal contrast values, but to the negative side. Not a good option

Thanks Paul. I've passed this along and we'll see what the tech team has to say.

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