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Turbosmart Internal wastegate actuators, Worthy Upgrade?

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Hey all, just wondering if anyone has much experience upgrading waste gate actuators to an aftermarket one such as Turbo smart?

"These actuators are the best of the best, they provide better turbo response and greater sensitivity when managing boost pressures."

Just wondering if you can actually expect better boost response and earlier spool from an Actuator? I don't understand how if the original one is in good condition?

I am a DIY'er so take what i say with a pinch of salt.

but they are a worth upgrade if you are reaching the limits of the existing actuator. i had a 10lbs garret actuator on a gtx2867 with a 0.63 ar housing and when i swapped to ethanol it couldn't hold the gate shut above 14psi so to get my 17psi target i needed a new actuator. regardless.

what swayed me with the turbosmart is the dual port option, this means you can run a four port solenoid with a light spring (4psi) and get a much wider range of boost pressures vs single port actuator.

as for increasing boost response, i personally would think if an actuator is adequate and keeping the gate shut. then the control strategy is going to have more of an effect than brand XYZ actuator.

so to summaries, if the car is working well and holding boost pressure with current actuator and you don't want a four port solenoid then stay with what you have. if you need a stronger spring or are looking for four port solenoid usage then go the turbosmart actuator. (i am yet to use mine with a four port solenoid).

I would only suggest upgrading if your stock actuator is unable to achieve the boost you're wanting. The flexibility of the turbosmart wastegates is why you would usually choose to upgrade rather than expecting a performance gain with a similar wastegate spring.

I upgraded my EFR7064 from the standard 1 bar actuator to the turbosmart twin port actuator. This allows me to run a pretty soft spring setup (0.7 bar in my case) but still achieve high boost levels, e.g. 2 bar.

If course this is combined with a MAC 4 port boost solenoid and works like a charm.

Good thing about all TS actuators is that you can easily replace the springs which is not possible with standard actuators usually.

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