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I've been fitting up a hypertune intake to my 2jzge vvti motor, I have 6 1650cc injectors up top in the standard position and 6 2400cc injectors underneath in the runners, originally I wanted side by side to minimise plumbing, someone stuffed it up and made the intake wrong and the lower fuel rail end is about 5mm away from the power steering bracket and I can't get a fitting onto it.

My question is, can I run feed to both rails but only return off the top one? Like the top would be the way you'd expect but the lower set would essentially be deadhead . Or would that cause pressure or flow issues in the lower rail?

Or for the effort involved should I just drill and weld a fitting somewhere else on the rail and block that end entirely

Its a street Car and has a kinsler fuel pump, fpr2000, e85 and 8an fuel lines.

I've included a terrible pic of my idea

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your idea as you have already guessed is a terrible one just to reasure you dont run it like that

it will be pron to heat soak air locks and alsorts of other issues

what sort of power are you heading for 1650 cc injectors comfortably run a 2jz on 950rwhp

with plenty to spare

Thanks for the reply, I'll abandon the idea, I was really just thinking out loud. The 1650s with 60psi base fuel pressure I believe are hitting 80-85%, the cars making 870rwhp through a powerglide, the little gtx42 is at its absolute limit so it's getting a bigger turbo and more fuel to cope. I think I'll just have a fitting welded on somewhere else along the rail. I'm aiming for over 1000rwhp with a bigger turbo and proper intake

If you can't shorten the rail, and don't want to make a new one, is there enough material in it to drill and tap into the side/top of it, and use that as the return to the regulator?

There's a ⅛ npt port about halfway along it, I think I'm just going to drill that out and weld an 8an fitting to it