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I took my Toyota Glanza to several tuners and no one can figure out this problem. When I eccelerate on first gear the rev counter goes crazy. Even the engine sound is irregular. This also happens on the other gears when I reach RPM 7000. The rev counter drops back to 3000. I attached a short clip as this is hard to explain.

I have a TD04 turbo and Link G4+ Monsoon ECU

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overboost protection?

Nobody is going to be able to help you from a video. Please record a PC log of the problem and attach that and a copy of your tune here.

The problem is that the tuner locked it and did not set up data logging. In fact, this is why I'm taking the course, to eventually be able to do it myself

You can still do a PC log. Connect to the ecu, press F8 to start and stop the logger. When you have a log, go to the log file manager (popout menu left-hand edge of screen) and save the log file.

Ok I managed to get this. Hope it makes sense somehow.

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Your log just shows a poorly set up rev limiter, too much start cut and a slow decay rate means it bounces on/off. Your tacho bouncing around is possibly because your tacho is driven by the ignition coil and you are using an ignition cut limiter so the tacho would get an erratic signal during limiting.

I am not sure why you say "no one can figure this out", it should be clear as day - there is red text that flashes up on the top of your tuning screen if you hit a limiter, as well as it will show in the event logger and ecu statistics page etc.

I've been to 3 different tuners and no one figured this out. I'll have to finish the courses myself and try to sort it out. Thanks for your help!

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