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V7 jdm sti drivetrain into my 2004 Forster.

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Hello class!

I obliterated somthing in my transmission tonight in second gear. Currently on the 5sp that comes in the 04 fxt. I knew something was going to give soon now that this engine is fully forged and gobbling up 28psi like candy. I have the long winded dream of an x shift sequential that lives in the housing of the 6sp sti trans. I’ll be taking it apart and seeing if I can easily replace what’s now confetti in the housing either way but I usually see something broken as a great opportunity for an upgrade.


Ive spotted this complete non dccd drivetrain. Curious if any of you have any insight to how smoothly or not smoothly this would marry to an ej257 that currently sits in my 2004 forester chassis.

i also invite any of you to talk me out of this idea and point me into and even cooler direction.

thank you all for your knowledge and willingness to share.



The Xshift works great so when the time comes I suggest it.

In the meantime yes the STI drivetrain bolts right up to your engine.

You'd need a kit like you linked with driveshaft, rear end and axles etc. because the final drive isn't the same, driveshaft length differs, and then the STI R180 rear end has different axle fitment.

I don't recall if the FXT has male or female front axles so depending on that and the transmission you get, you may just need to install or remove stubs from the transmission.

There's a bit of little stuff like that to know, so you may want to contact Rallispec or ZF Design. They both have the knowledge and sell the parts, and can do a final drive swap if needed or put together the gear ratios you might be wanting.

The stock STI 6 speed holds up pretty well for the cost so it makes more sense than building the weak 5 speed case.

That should be pretty close to a straight bolt in, you may need to change the front driveshafts as well.

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