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Video Shareing on youtube

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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Hello my names Chris im a tuner here in South Australia and I just thaught id share my youtube channel with fellow tuners

I record and upload some of the cars i tune to this channel for a record and viewing pleasure

i will be expanding my video choices to include the 4WD diesel vechicles aswell instead of just selected performance cars that im recording atm, again i only record when i have time and the approval from the customer

so here is the link to my channel for your viewing pleasure

thanks alot Chris J

Thanks for sharing Chris. I've just subscribed :) Great work.

Hi Chris,

I've seen your video's before shared by Nistune, now subscribed.

Here's mine, I've only just started recording runs so it's a bit thin for now

My You Tube channel

i just think its a good thing to do and as a record of vechicles but i still need to record more as i dont allways have time to do them all and i also tune alot of diesels with unichp,ecutek,ailentech