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Hi Guys,

Over the past 2-3 weeks I have found that the forums in general have been a lot slower. When I click the "New posts since your last visit" feature, I always get a CloudFlare error saying that the origin server has timed out. It's a bit of a pain as it;s a very handy feature.

Of course, all the Vimeo features and other site content is unaffected. I have attached a screenshot of the problem.



Attached Files

I see this as well, although sometimes "New posts since your last visit" did occasionally work, but not in the last few days.

It appears to be getting worse as well, I now get the error when just browsing the forums normally as well.

"New Posts since your last visit" definitely is having problems, but if I manually navigate to individual posts it's not bad.

That's worrying to hear. Our web developer guru, Cam, is almost finished with a major infrastructure update to the back end software, I'll mention the problems to him, but this update is very close to going live, and she's a biggy, so hopefully it'll sort things.

Hopefully Cam can fix this soon, the "new posts since your last visit" is very handy.

Hey guys. New website backend update is live (Cam is pretty much super-human). I tried the new posts feature this morning and it worked for me, can anyone else confirm?

Works again for me now as well. Thanks guys!

works for me.

great work!

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