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What dyno to choose MainLine vs Dynapack

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Good morning to everyone .

I've been searching a lot on internet looking on both sides what have to offer , and i am a bit confused i must say this is why i make this post that maybe can help me choose ...

I own a small motor-sport shop company. At first i had a 4x4 Bapro dyno (Italian Company) that worked well at low power /normal car situation , but i was struggling to make accurate measurements or even get proper data-logging on high power (motor-sport cars) , so i decided to sell this one and buy the new HUB-Dyno Rotronics has to offer (French Company), The dyno is good with a decent Data-logging same for low or high power cars, BUT Unfortunately i had so many problems with this dyno (Which unfortunately i cannot mention here as i have a court agreement (yes this went badly for like 6 months back and fort with lawyer and experts pfff) , so the company got the dyno back and i got my money back ..

For the 3rd time now (and hopefully the last) i'm searching my "new" dyno ..

So I'm in "between" these 2 leader brands , Dynapack / Mainline for the moment i do not "care" if it is a Hub or a Roller dyno (well if i buy the Dynapack it has to be a Hub-dyno)..

I'm looking advice from guys that already owned a Dynapack or Mainline and see from their perspective what is "good" and what is "bad" with their dyno (it has to be some "bad" / downsides with every dyno nothing is Perfect ... )

For example i know that Dynapack it has an issue with Automatic cars not every automatic gearbox it can run on, On the other hand no such issue with Mainline (hub dyno) the rollers doesn't have such issue ..

A small preview on my company so you can have an idea on what i'm searching on. I work on Motor-sport car (Classic 24Lemans Cars / Formula 1 80s / prototypes / rally / time attack cars) I'm also tuning some "daily driven" cars (Vw group cars / Mercedes / Bmw ).

The dyno i will need it has to absorb something like 1200-1500hp (more is useless to me) but to have good repeatability and a very RICH data-logging ..

Sorry for the long post , Looking forward to you reply.



The fact that you've said you may need to support 1200-1500 hp may end up excluding the dynapack so this may make your choice very simple. First of all though you do need to understand that neither dyno really has a horsepower limit but rather a torque limit, so the ultimate limit on either dyno will depend on the engine torque and the final drive/gear ratio. On my old dynapack 8000 (4 x 4000 nm hub units) the most I could support was about 1000-1100 whp in 2wd but this required a final drive change to get there so it was a lot of hassle. They are problematic with some auto transmissions but to be honest most of the time they're absolutely fine. The issue normally comes up with a drag car that uses a high stall convertor where the torque multiplication is massive.

Since I had my dynapack they have released a larger 'DAQ5' unit that supports 4500 nm so that may be enough to get you across the line but you just need to understand how that torque limit will affect the cars you're tuning. Along with the max torque rating there is also a hub speed limit so you need to balance the two with overall gearing so it might not be as simple as it looks on paper.

As a product the dynapack is excellent and the hydraulic control is accurate and very fast (definitely faster than an eddy current absorber). Repeatability is also excellent and a demo I used to run on our customer nights was to run a car in steady state and turn the head lights on and off - the dyno could show the almost insignificant difference due to the alternator draw on the engine. The software is relatively user friendly but much more simplistic than what can be done with the Mainline, particularly in regard to the CAN capability on the Mainline. Despite dynapack literally being 5 km from my old workshop in Wellington, I found them remarkably difficult to deal with and this is a continual complaint I hear from other dynapack owners. At the time that I owned my dyno they also didn't seem interested in further development (we had been asking them about more advanced logging and analysis options for years which seemed to fall on deaf ears). I haven't really followed what they've done since I moved on so can't comment on the current capabilities.

The Mainline roller which we've had now for the last 4 years is excellent and the software capability is almost limitless. I will say that the user interface is written by an engineer and can be a little intimidating as there are so many options, however it doesn't take long to learn. As mentioned above, the eddy current power absorbers are a little slower than the hydraulics of the dynapack and ultimately I tend to see slightly more run to run variation on the roller than my old dp hub dyno. Mainline's customer service is absolutely out standing and Todd and Craig will bend over backwards to help any mainline dyno owner.

We've just taken delivery of our new mainline prohub 4WD dyno which I'm expecting will help with consistency as it eliminates the tyre contact patch on the roller. This is the smallest of their hub dynos yet has already been proven to support over 2500 hp in 2wd form so it would be more than up to your requirements. As a bonus last time I checked, the Mainline was quite a bit cheaper than the dynapack.

Ultimately both are excellent dynos and the biggest choice for you will be torque/power handling if you decide to go dynapack.

Thanks a lot for the answer here Andre , it was exactly what I was looking for to hear from someone how probably they owned one or the other Dyno both in your case :)

In my understanding I have to use those 2 dyno before I decide on which one I will get .. Before I buy something that will not fit my needs...



It's a big investment so it's always advisable to test drive the machine before you make your decision, even if that may involve some cost to travel.