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what ecu ? nissan ca18det

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hi guys any ideas on what may be needed to get a nissan ca18det running with a halltech elite 550

im looking for great tune ability yet simplicity,

unsure whether this ecu will be able to do electronic boost control , fan control , just the basics

the main concern i have is in what else i will need to get the car on the street , this is really on a tight budget , any other ideas on ecu choice ? i have looked at , Nistune & maxx ecu

The specs of the Elite 550 are listed here:

It includes 5 DPO's (digital pulsed outputs) so could handle cooling fan control and electronic boost control with no trouble.

Your cheapest option is likely to be the Nistune board. I've had limited experience with Nistune but it is a reasonable and well priced solution for mild builds.

Bang for Buck you cant beat Nistune. Can get one supplied/fitted/tuned for $700-1100.00 AUD

usually just the ecu will cost that much