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Who is excited about the new Ford Focus RS?

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Ford have just released news of their new Ford Focus RS, 2.3 EcoBoost, AWD all in a great looking package. As a Ken Block fan boy, I'm super excited about it.

You can watch the entire live stream of the release here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ6JqTMHcqs

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I'm surprised it's taken so long to go 4WD, I've not really looked into it but is it using the part time drive system like most manufacturers are opting for?

There's a few of the older focus RS's going standalone here in the UK and with the aftermarket traction control and the factory diff they say there's no need for 4WD

I have to be honest and say nope I'm not excited at all.

Having worked in a Ford dealership and most vehicles being small Euros, the Falcon isn't at all popular in Australia anymore, I found the cars to be overly complex, difficult to work on, and simply not suited to Australian conditions. While I am sure this new model is a great car history has shown specialised euro cars don't suit the Australian market.

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