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Why 12 injectors?

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Hello everyone,

I relised where i live that most of the turbo cars has 12 injectors fitted in 6 cyl engines.

So i would like to ask some questions about the dual iniector setting.

Is dual injectors only used when you use a mixture of fuel? For example pump gas with e85?

Are there any benefits of using dual injectors if the car only runs on pump gas? Or is it the same as using single injectors that are big?


While dual fuel is a possible use of staged injection, by far the more common reason is to simply provide the required fuel flow for a very high powered engine. While often it may be possible to support the required fuel flow with just a single large injector in each cylinder, these injectors typically don't offer good control or linearity at low pulse widths and it may be difficult or impossible to achieve a reasonable air fuel ratio at idle and cruise.

Staged injection allows a small injector to be used that can offer a good stable idle quality, while a second injector can also be staged in at higher load to provide additional fuel.

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