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Wireless/Bluetooth USB to USB adapter

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Has anyone found a wireless or bluetooth USB to USB adapter. I would like to hook all my devices that need connected to the laptop while tuning to one USB hub and then not have any wires going to the laptop. Example, tuning with Nistune requires a USB cable while also having a Innovative LM2 to log AFR requires a USB cable. I want to plug in those two USB cables into a hub that is wireless to the USB on the laptop. Anyone using one of these? If so, where did you buy it?

Something like this ?



"Cable free" usb hub was trendy like 7/8 years ago, but like many things, it faded away. (it was terrible)

It's only a matter of time until aftermarket ECUs are wireless...

Not too much help but Our Dyno had a Serial port on it and used a Serial to USB cable to the laptop.

I bought one of these Serial to WIFI adaptors and it works a treat, One less cable


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