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Wiring a Motec M150 CAN Bus for power

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I have laid out my twisted pair wire for CAN Bus 1 and I would like to get advice on the cleanest way to wire and provide power (via PDM) to all the devices on this network (12 button key pad, 5 button rotary controller, Shift Light Module, and Dual NTK LTC).

Since the dash display (C1212) draws a max of 1 amp and each of the other devices are less than 1 to 2 amps draw I was planning to mirror the CAN Bus network (power wires would make the main trunk and would branch to each device) this way I would have clean 4 pin mating connections at each device for CAN Lo/Hi and Power. Also, for the CAN Bus is it necessary to sheath the twisted Lo/Hi wires with Raychem SCL prior to sheathing Power and CAN wires with DR25?

If this is not the correct way to lay out the power wires, please let me know the proper way.

Heat gun and crimpers are on stand-by ;)

Thank you!

Sounds like a great plan. You could call that circuit "CAN Bus Power". It would be clear as to what was powered when that circuit was active.

The twisted CAN pair and the power wires can go in the same sheathing, no problem -- I find I generally need 3/16" when I have a twisted pair plus 2 additional 22 awg wires.

Excellent, Thank you very much David!

LTCD NTK will draw 4 amps on sensor heat up initially (2A per sensor)

C1212 is 1A to operate, up to .25A for 5v and 8V rails (if sensors are fitted) and another 0.5A if you run any outputs.

The other items together will we lucky to draw 1A.

As David covered there is no need to sheath the can wires from the power.

Can I run the same setup but power the LTCD with the M150 Half Bridge output?

Yes, you could, but why? Just splice into the same 12V as the ECU. The ECU will already control when the LTCD is active, so it will normally be shut down while the engine is stopped.

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