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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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Maybe its a browser setting of mine, but can you look into the formatting of "end of line"/"wraparound text"? If a word cannot complete by the end of the line, the word is cut off to be continued on the subsequent line. Sorry to nitpick but its distracting. This is probably a setting in your forum tool.

Another thing to fix is the time zone / time stamp for posts.

When im on the home page, the post 'age' (minutes/hours/days since post was made) is correct. But when i go into the sub-forum is diplayed 4 hrs advanced.

Hard to describe, but annoying.

The post times are relative to New Zealand local time I think. I get +20 hours on any new new post.

Yeah. But only from the sub-forum pages. When you are on the main page of the forum, the time is correct.

Test post at (I'm in NZ) - 4:32PM local - 3:32 am GMT

Just noticed, it has the time twice and it's GMT - you guys the same?

Doh, checked my profile - I still had it set to UTC - changed it to Pacific-Auckland and now correct. You may need to check the applicable zone for you carefully, as may not be in an expected format.