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AIM PDM - Multiple Conditions for a specific output and Different Output Settings Based on Input Conditions

PDM Installation & Configuration

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I'm making a study case based on this PDM just like the course sugests and some questions are popping up in my head.

1- It is possible to setup an output with different characteristics based upon how it will be activated?

For example a Rain Light. I know that most rain lights on the market have 3 wires (ground, 12v static and 12v flash). But on several projects it's easy to use all the outputs and I wire the 12V static on the MoTec PDM and make it flash with all the programming functions.

What I would like to do is:

Use just the rain light 12v static wired to an output on the PDM, if I press the keypad button "rain light static" it will be static, if I press the keypad button "rain light flash" it will flash on a 4hz frequency.

But I would also like to make it flash in a different frequency when in Pit Limit Mode. It is possible to do all that with AIM PDM?

2- PWM frequency map:

I couldn't find where I could set the frequency map for an output that is setup as PWM.

3- Complex output logic:

I would like to make a strategy like this (starter output to be activated by the start sw on the key pad OR via a output request on the ECU (fueltech can start the engine via its ECU software and it can be very hand on some specific situations):


1. Yes this is all possible and I've done all of it.

2. there is no map, you can output up to 10 different duty cyle, based on conditions, just use a OR statement on the output activation setting.

3. no problem

In the AIM PDM you can't change the PWM frequency based on inputs its set at 100hz for most outputs, but configurable for Half Bridge Outputs.

For the flashing at different frequencies and solid, you can do what you want with the Status variables (getting them to generate a square wave based on time) then using these to control the power output. Might be able to do it with a maths channel also.

Hope that helps



Thanks guys, I will try that.

I have also another question. The racestudio just have two blinkmarine keypads to setup (8 keys and 12 keys).

But they have available 4, 6, 10 and 15 versions as well:


I have to setup them manually?

Yes pretty sure they will have to be added manually, but key pad supplier should be able to provide the right files to help.

I bought the 15 button keypad from Aimshop and can confirm they emailed a config file, along with instructions for setting keypad colors, etc.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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