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Alarm, hazzards when car is switched off

PDM Installation & Configuration

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Hi guys! Im at the begining in my project - PDM conversion. My car is weekend street car. I need parking lights, brake lights and hazzards working when the car is switched off like standard car. How do you resolve this situation? Fuse and relay box specially for lights and hazards? I dont like this solution. Or add some diodes to switch on PDM when hazzard button is pressed for example? And what about security alarm? Thank you for your advices!

The PDM will be "on" all the time so it can control the various lights. What you think of as "ON" is just a state (ie, Key On) where some circuits are enabled (like your radio, maybe the ECU and power to the coils / injectors.

But I affraid of battery draw after few days when PDM will be on all the time.

Most PDM have a very low current draw, MoTEC PDM have a current draw of 35mA while operating. A CAN Keypad current draw is also minimal if you're using one to control your PDM.

You can always disconnect your battery if it is in storage for a couple days.

The security system may, and certainly the hazards will use much more power than the PDM. Most people storing cars for more than a few weeks, will either have a small trickle charger or a complete battery disconnect (of course then there will be no security alarm).

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