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Bare Basics PDM Example

PDM Installation & Configuration

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The attachment for the Bare Basics PDM Example is now up, although it appears to be the SR86 example document, which, judging by the shift actuator & air compressor for paddle shift, some might describe as slightly more developed than a bare basics build... I'm sure it would probably be due to the subjective nature of the term bare basics though...

As for bare basics modified street car/weekend warrior, I would probably add a functional demister/blower motor, as they are often a requirement for street driven vehicles. Also, you would want to make more power than you require, for the racing you participate in... that way it will offset what you lose from including AC... because we aren't all savages...

Thanks Callum we will take that on board

I also wondered about the air shift but did not have a diff or at a minimum a gearbox pump to oil coolers especially the air shifted sequential.

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