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Canbus not working AIM PDM32

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trying to get my blink 12 switch Canbus to work with my PDM32. It's both from AIM so suppose to be pre programmed already but it's not working. I tried this also with no success https://www.aimsports.com/download/faqs/eng/hardware/configuring/pdms/FAQ_Configuring_Blink_Marine_keypad_101_eng.pdf

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Did you wire your CAN bus with an external terminating resistor? You will need to have that (or the check box for the PDM can bus terminator) for the CAN bus to work properly.

Was it the PRO version from AIM SHOP?

Im not sure how to tell if it's the pro version, I will check the box for the external resistor.

Box didn't have a small resistor, where does the resistor wire in to? Can Hi or Can Lo?

The terminating resistor is connected between CAN Hi and CAN Lo. Often we attach a couple of wires to the resistor, cover it in adhesive lined heat shrink, then spice the wires the CAN wires near the connector (ideally one at each end of the bus, but your PDM has one terminating resistor built in, so you can just enable that in the software).

If its the pro version you will have to setup the can protocol. AIMSHOP can do this for you via screen share. Otherwise if it's the standard version you can use the 'can2 keypad stream' to program the pad which is more user friendly.

Note - If you do have the standard version I believe aimshop told me that you can't have multiple devices don't that bus, just the keypad.

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