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Connecting 5V sensors on PDM

PDM Installation & Configuration

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I need to connect two pressure sensors (oil and fuel) to my pdm 30, so that if it is lost, the pdm will turn off the engine. 5 volt sensors.

On my pdm 30 there is no separate 5v power supply and ground for sensors. How to properly connect pressure sensors in this case?

I would connect the sensors to the ECU and share the data via CAN. If you don’t have an ECU with CAN capabilities, you can use something like the ECU Master Can Switchboard.

I used to think it was a good idea to shut off the engine automatically in case of failures like this, but after talking to some tuners and drivers, they prefer having a visual alarm instead so the driver can decide what to do. Shutting off engine might result on brake and power steering assist not working and can lead to catastrophic situations. In drifting, it will also automatically straight the car which can be pretty unsafe.

The fact is that my ecu Link G4X ran out of analog inputs, and the sensors that need to be connected still remain. I don't know what to do in this case

Like I suggested, you can use the Can Switchboard from ECUmaster to convert the analog voltage from your sensor to CAN. This device have what you need to supply 5v and have a dedicated sensor ground.

Thank you. You gave me the idea that sensors can be connected to edash and can already transfer data to pdm

Yes, you have this option as well :)

Do you already have the sensors? If not, you can get sensors that run on unregulated 12v and output a regulated 5v signal.

Yes, there are sensors. But I will keep in mind for the future that there is such an option.

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