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ecumaster switchboard configuration

PDM Installation & Configuration

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hello gentlement!

I am installing pdm16 and an ecumaster v3 switchboard.

I can't find how to configure a switchboard output.

I know the command for example for the output 3 is ; 0x643 00 00 01 00 but how to send this message from the pdm

Sorry, I can't really suggest anything other than some installations may be driven from the PDM, with it requesting the input from the keypad for the switching configurations.

thank for reply, can i configure switchboard outputs with lightclient software? if so, i can't find how to do it

Yes I watched both webinars and very interesting. Simon explains well how to implement the switchboard inputs but no information to control the outputs.

I may have been unclear, or talking out my bottom -

What I mean is if you open the PDM software, can you identify the I/O you want to configure, configure it for what you want it to do, and is there a part where it requests you to press/operate the button/control you want that I/O to be triggered by?

I'm thinking of it possibly being similar to (re-)mapping keys for PC games, etc.

Use the CAN bus export function.


Thanks for the reply Gord and Adam, I already import switchboard canx file, I have all input but no output command is there like you suggest

You use the CAN bus export function, not Import CANX. Set up exactly like my pic above. You can assign any 4 channels you like - whatever channel you want to switch the output on and off, I just used a function named "SwBoard OP*". The channel needs to be 0 for off and >0 for On.

you are the man Adam ,I did not realize that i have to create a function to build a canbus message

Work perfect


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