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Gearbox Air Compressor - Using Soft Start / PWM control

PDM Installation & Configuration

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Anyone have any experience with this? I am simply trying to eliminate the spike in amperage. I was gonna setup PWM control and just have it kick to 100% duty within a second maybe.... don't want to heat up the PMU but want to see if that helps the spike.

ECU Master PMU16AS

Megaline GT uC

Thanks for any help


How handy are you with basic circuit design and construction?

Been more than 25 years since I recall doing any design work, or I'd do it for you, but you should be able to put together a simple board with resistors, diodes and delays to bring in the full power for the fan over several stages. Just do the sums so the components are rated for the currents involved.

I have seen a compressor setup that had a separate relief valve you triggered when starting the pump, so that it didn't see full load until the pump was already spinning.

Have you read this technote from ECUMaster regarding Inrush current settings:


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