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Getting 32bit of data with the ECUMASTER PMU-16

PDM Installation & Configuration

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Hi everyone,

New to all this, i'm trying to figure out the Sniper EFI can bus message to control my fan directly from my pmu.

Example from the racepack public doc on monitoring packet.

CANID 0x1E001000: 00 00 00 00 00 1d 4c 00

rpm data[4]=0x00, data[5]=0x1d, data[6]=0x4c, data[7]=00. Hex 0x001d4c00 =decimal

1920000/256 = 7500.0 RPM

- CANID 0x1E021000: 00 00 64 f8 00 00 82 80

barometric pressure = 0x000064f8 = decimal 25848/256 = 100.97

coolant temp = 0x00008280 = decimal 33408/256 = 130.5

- CANID 0x1E025000: 00 00 0a 40 00 00 0d cc

oil pressure = 0x00000a40 = decimal 2624/256 = 10.25

battery voltage = 0x00000dcc = decimal 3532/256 = 13.79

I'm trying to combine the 16bit from the 2 first frame to the 16bit offset 2


Do you know if there is a way to do that.

One thing for sure Holley dis a good job on not making this easy... I only got the tps right for now and i have to use a data table since this is a lm function...


Hi Manuel,

Your example of engine speed, the raw hex value of 1D 4C is 7500 in decimal.

I don't think any of the data from the Sniper ECU will be 32 bit.

My understanding of the ECUMaster PMU software is that you first create the CANBus message object and then create a CANBus input which is where you specify which part of the data frame will be used to generate the channel value.

If you have a specific example I can explain how you would go about setting this up.


Thank-you for your help!

The exmaple may cause confusion because of the Hex being equivalent to the decimal value. But the formula is actually divide by 256. You can't take the CTS and use it without applying a formula.

This is from the Racepack protocol in the files included


[img="blob:https://www.hpacademy.com/edc2eebd-7b98-43bb-b702-e8098fb86539" alt="" alt="" ]

I highly doubt that sniper user racepack, id doesn't fit and data is completly off track with that document.

I'm gonna try to screen record the PCAN data. RTC for example is clearly build with the 32bit of data.

I tried to find the CTS and the data i thought was good fluctuate with the engine rpm.

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Here is a video of the coolant sensor and RTC. <

When i unplugged the CTS connector all the number froze so i was assuming that this was the good frame but i may be wrong because when i cycle the tps the cts varies 🤦‍♂️

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