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Hardwire PDM question

PDM Installation & Configuration

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got a hardwire pdm setup on a bench and trying to gather how many amps most of this stuff is going to pull.

currently connect:

blink marine 10 button keypad

haltech 2500 elite

AEM cd-7

hardwire PDM 25+

haltech WB single channel

after some testing for some reason all the outputs are powering off on the PDM after about 45 sec or so if the wideband is connected to power on the PDM. If the wideband is removed everything stays on as normal. Also if I manually turn these on in the software and not with the keypad they will stay on. Anyone have any pointers?

I have attached a config

Attached Files

Also wanted to add a time graph. These are powering off/losing power all on their own.


I don't have time to download the hardwire PDM software -- what are the current limits that you have currently set? Does it trip if the battery voltage goes low? What is the PDM voltage doing? Are there any status channels that would be useful to determine the cause of the shutdown? Can you see that in the configuration software when the problem occurs?

Hi David,

Nothing is tripping and the amp limit is 5 amp which so far appears to be fine and un tripped. The Battery voltage seems to be holding pretty stable at 13.3 - 13.7. I can see this in the software when it happens. I added another screen shot as well.


I see they have timer functions -- do any of your output controls use timers?

no just the Blinkers

Have you got the Wideband and Keypad on same CAN bus and possibly an ID or bitrate clash maybe? Probably best to send a log to Hardwire.

So @Adam@Link_ECU,

you were basically on the right track. I finally after some looking with a PCAN we figured it out that a message from the keypad was putting out some info for button updates every 100ms. Changed the ID of the keypad and updated the PDM and it all seems to be sorted now. I am still not sure if the WB is working, since the car is still not ready to start. Hopefully nothing else like this is an issue for any other devices that I am not aware of yet.

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