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Has anyone managed to make the Grayhill (3K020-4RN3AG) CAN Keypad work with the AiM PDM32?

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I really, really dislike the AiM-chosen Blink keypad. I'd prefer the Motec/Grayhill keypad (Like this here), I just think it's more compact and efficient.

But, I have yet to come across any info where someone has been able to make this work. I don't pretend to understand CAN, but it seems to me as long as the keypad is the proper protocol (it is, this version is the OpenCAN), it should be able to work, no?


That would be true, if the Aim system had generic support for OpenCAN -- which is the missing piece.

It could surely be done with a small processor / OS that supported CAN protocols -- but I'm betting it's not worth it to you to have someone develop that.

Can't help directly, but your best options may be to contact the manufacturers of each product to see what they can come up with. There's a (small) chance they may even have some beta software you can field test for them if there's no released candidates.

Oh, and each's FAQ's/forums, of course.


I'm not sure I understand entirely. When you say it doesn't have generic support, do you mean it doesn't have the ability to create or import a custom CAN protocol?

If so, keeping in mind I have VERY little understanding so far of CAN, I believe that may be wrong. There is a tab to import a custom CAN protocol. Now, I can't verify how well it works but, I had a manufacturer of another keypad I found (not officially supported by AiM, but marketed as working with their PDM) send me a custom CAN protocol to import into RS3. Is this the same thing you're talking about, or am I misunderstanding?

Also, Gord, appreciate the reply and the tips. Depending on how much effort I want to put into this, haha, I may go that route of chasing down each manufacturer, etc.

Thanks guys!

Oh, Aim has generic support for most CAN devices (using the Custom CAN Protocols -- I've created many). I don't think OpenCAN is like most CAN devices -- it is a protocol on top of CAN for assigning non-conflicting IDs - and I don't think I could make that work with Aim's Custom CAN. But I could be wrong.

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