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Help for wiring and configuring this setup

PDM Installation & Configuration

Relevant Module: Bench-Testing > Electric Handbrake & Wiper Motor

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Hi Andre

I am trying to copy this setup of yours, handbrake.

Not for a handbrake but for a small DC motor to shift brake bias, front or back.

I do have the following components already working in the car;

1812 Dash

PDM 30

15 button keypad


10 Button and 2x Rotary 8 step on steering wheel

Could you perhaps share how to wire and configure in detail?

Thank you so much in advance.


What are you using for positional feedback for the balance bar?

Are you wanting it to move in discrete steps, or just drive in one direction depending on which button is pushed?

Hi Stephen

Unfortunately there is no position feedback within the DC motor nor is it possible to mount a hallsensor on the pedal assembly.

This leaves me with only the option to apply voltage to the motor and have the PDM turn off power once the motor reaches higher current at the two ends of the travel.


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