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Help me with Diagram

PDM Installation & Configuration

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I would like you to help me how the diagram should be to control the ignition of the starter motor with the PDM and a button. I really liked that idea for the project I'm doing.

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I would connect the button directly to the PDM, unless the ECU is also going to use it. Do you have an ignition switch (I think of it as the Run/Stop switch) in addition to the starter button? Or do you want the button to also stop the engine if it's currently running. If the PDM gets ENG RPM data from the ECU, it can do things like not turn the starter if the engine is already running. Or automatically spin the starter for up to 10 seconds or until the engine starts on a button click instead of needing to hold it down.

It is a project that I am going to start doing. I already have everything and I like the idea that you can activate the starter solenoid through the PDM and that you can activate it for 10 seconds or for as long as you require.

I am not super expert in this but I have already done several projects that have turned out very well and I want to go to the next step.

How did i make the diagram is it ok? putting the button as Digital input?

Most PDM's have digital inputs or support for keypads with buttons connected over CAN. You can program their logic to activate the starter solenoid. Go for it. I've done several cars with MoTeC PDMs that do this.

I would like my project to be with MoTec.

I have is Infinity 506 and PDU-8 from AEM.

It is the first PDM that I am going to install. That is the reason for my doubts.

AEM PDU-8 only works with CAN keypack for electric vehicles when using AEM EV VCUs, I wrote to them and they told me that:

"The AEM CAN keypad is not supported by any AEM ECUs for internal combustion engines"

I also asked which CAN keypack can be compatible and his answer was this:

"There wouldn’t be a CAN-based one to integrate with the Infinity since the starter and ignition power aren’t controlled by the ECU anyway, so it wouldn’t need to be integrated into the engine management system. There are switch panels available that you can use to run the starter and apply ignition power, but a CAN-based keypad wouldn’t be the appropriate selection to facilitate that"

There may be some confusion, and not just my part - it seems like they think you are wanting to operate the ECU directly from the keypad. Did you make clear to them you were using the keypad with a PDM, and wanted to use two oupputs from the PDM to a/ operate the starter and b/ to be the ignition input (switch) for the ECU?

You're right, I may not have explained myself well.

I will write again.

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