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Help with my multifunction headlight switch

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I am trying to get the stock headlight switches on my 1996 Miata to work using a ecumaster pmu16. I attached a diagram of the stock headlight circuit.

If you look at the combination switch, I have the red/blue going to constant power and the black going to ground. I'm unsure what to do with the white/black and the blue/yellow coming out of the combination switch. I don’t want to use the headlight relay if I can just do it with the pmu.

Thank you

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Can you give a better description of what you want to do? Do you want independent control of each headlight so you can flash them, or duplicate the factory behavior, but not using the factory switches, or are you just trying to eliminate the headlight relay?

If you just want to eliminate the headlight relay, then the white/black is your PMU output, and it is controlled when the blue/yellow is grounded. So you would use the Blue/Yellow as in input to the PMU.

Hey David, sorry, I am just trying to eliminate the headlight relay. So for the blue/yellow I send that to the pmu input and set it as switch - active low?


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