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Hi Guys,

Looking to get the last couple of things boxed off before I can consider the PDM wiring complete.

#1 - I'm trying to get my interior lighting to work how I want it but I can't see any other options other than to use another output and I want to be relay free!

I've currently got both my door courtesy lights and dome lights on the same output and I want a welcome light from both. BUT! I also need the dome light to work 24/7 and the door courtesy lights to be off until night time (probably activated via headlight position or a light sensor).

#2 - When i first purchased my PDM i spoke to AIM Shop who recommended that I wire my POP UP headlights on the same outputs and inputs to save on wiring and PDM logic. Unfortunately, because these lights are not perfectly in sync, I'm getting overrun on the opposing side! Could this be adjusted mechanically or would it be a case of running some new wiring and another output?

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Different people have different requirements,

1/ In your position I'd just use a fused power feed to an interior light that had a three position switch with off - ground through door switches (if you have a single switch on the door, use diodes to block cross-grounds)- separate ground. If you only want it to operate with the engine on, tap into that line.

2/ Not sure what you mean about "over-run", there should be a internal limit switch/cutout that would be adjusted to get the correct open position for each light - same thing with closed.

The exact wiring for the lift motors and the light filaments differs between manufacturers, so go over that aspect carefully to make sure they operate correctly.

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