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LED Indicator Flashers with warning

PDM Installation & Configuration

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I am building as GT40E Tesla powered. All the electronics are run through the MoteC including the LED indicators. 0.5 second on 0.5 second off.

The problem that I face now in that the Department of Transportation demand that, if the indicator bulbs fail I get a warning.

I have tried to create a condition that if the indicator state is true and the amps or load is very low or even zero, The condition is true.

The problem is that the amps are so low the MoTeC says the load is 0.

I also tried putting resistors inline. No joy.

I could install flasher relays, but this means a complete rewire of the indicator circuit and adding the relays.

Any idea how to resolve the issue with the MoTeC? I would be delighted to hear.

Are the globes on a 20A output or an 8A output?

How many globes do you have per circuit and what is the wattage of each globe?

If you activate the output using Online>Test Outputs what is the reported current draw?

Sorry for the delay in responding. I thought that I would get an email. The globes are LED so they measure less than 1 Amp. The MoTeC shows the amps but hardly ever indicates above zero.

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