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PDM and Switchboard - how to configure switched on/switched off function?

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Hello all, I am setting up a HP Electronic HP-8440 Powerbox PDM and a ECU Master Switchboard. So far so good and I have most functions up and running.

One thing I am struggling with is how to set the directional buttons on my steering wheel to perform the following action:

one press: turn ON directional

one press: turn OFF directional

I can get it to turn on the flash function/directionals flash when the PDM is powered on, then pressing and holding the button turns the directionals off in a momentary fashion (as long as the button is depressed and held the directionals are off). when I release the button the directionals turn back on and continue to flash.

I can also get the directionals to flash only when holding the button down and when the button is released the directionals turn off again.

What I am trying to accomplish is one press of the button turns the directional output "on" and they remain on until the same button is pressed a 2nd time turning them off.

These are Otto momentary buttons connected to Switch inputs on the ECU Master switchboard, and the switchboard is on the bus with the HP 8440 PDM.

Any help or advice appreciated thanks!

Have you considered just switching to latched buttons, that are push-on, push-off instead of momentary acting? I looked at the manual for the Powerbox, and it looks like some combination of CAN inputs and virtual channels may be able to accomplish what you want.

I would try contacting your dealer or HP Electronik directly for technical help

Thank you David for the help and advice. That's an excellent suggestion. I'm going to order latching buttons for those functions requiring latching switches.

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