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PDM Main and Enable Power

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I want to wire up my AIM PDM the following way and just want to know if anybody can foresee any issues with it.

Firstly to kill the engine I will kill the power to the PDM enable switch on the PDM which will then kill power to the IGN and INJ outputs whilst leaving the main feed from the battery connected to the PDM, starter and alternator as this is allowed in my case.

So this toggle switch on my control panel and a duplicate on the outside of the car will kill the engine. I am calling this the Main Power. This will automatically power up the ECU.

Then I want to have a second switch which I am calling Enable Power that will then provide power to the injectors and coils.

Can anybody see any issues with this? Is there a reason why I might want the PDM to be powered but not the ECU?


Use the enable switch function in your Life Racing ECU. When "disabled" there is no fuel or spark generated by the ECU so you can do things like crank for oil pressure.

Thank you Richard,

Would this differ from switching an input to the PDM which kills the 12V supply to the injectors and ignition?

Yes as the ECU will not stop a half charged coil from firing or cut an injector when it is 70% through firing as cutting the 12V power supply will do. It is a bit "nicer".

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