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PMU 16 Amperage not logging correctly

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I have a PMU 16as that is having a issue recording correct amperage on one of the pins. Car has 4 lift pumps split into 2 circuits. Pin 03 (lift pump 2/4) reads fine around about 1.5 amps for the pair and that's about correct. Pin 02 (lift pump 1/3) reads some inrush then down to .1 or so of a amp. I have swapped the pumps around and this stays the same. Tried spare pumps same result. All pumps are same and new. Both outputs are rated at 25a. I have narrowed the issue down to confidently say whatever is going on is in the PMU. I will be using this info to know when and what pumps need to be serviced inside the fuel cell so getting this working correctly will be a big help. Anyone have experience with a low amp ch not logging correctly in a ECU Master PMU?

Have you measured the current using a ampmeter? Perhaps you have a bad connection on one channel and it's telling you the truth. Or it could be that the resolution just isn't that great. I would suggest you contact ECU Master to work with their tech support folks on the issue.

I have swapped the plugs on the pumps around 1/3 for 2/4 as well as swapped in a new pump on the 1/3 circuit. Always with the same result as the photo of the log in the first post. Little to no amperage on 1/3 and correct recording on 2/4. I have not used a ampmeter but I have logged amperage of all pumps when connected to lift pump 1/2 ch. They are all on par with one another. I did also physically check that the pumps on 1/3 are working correctly in the cell. I did reach out to tech support on the issue. Response was "seen this one other time. Resolution was a issue trying to see small amperage on a 25a pin vs a 15a pin" Both of mine are on 25a outputs (don't have 15 on a as PMU) and the resolution is fine enough to log correctly on 2/4.

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