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PMU and CAN bus speed

PDM Installation & Configuration

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Hi guys!

I dont have free Emtron ECU inputs and I would like to switch to DBW. So I would like to move some input sensors and switches to PMU and send data from sensors and switches via PMU and CAN to ECU. Is that good idea? How fast is CAN 1Mbits communication?

Is good idea to connect this to PMU and is fast enough communicate via CAN please?:

O2 Sensor

4x ABS sensors for traction control

Brake and clutch switch

Fuel pressure for fuel compensations in ECU


Thank you!


Hi Josef, none of this will be an issue over CAN. For example most modern ABS computers will broadcast wheel speeds to the ECM which can then be used to implement traction control and typically this will be a 500 kbit bus speed. We're using this exact setup in our SR86. Likewise the norm these days to get lambda into an ECU is via a CAN based controller. In a nutshell you're on the right track and won't have any issue. The only thing to watch is the CAN bus utilisation as you want to keep that below 80% max but you'll need a lot going on before you get anywhere near there.

Thank you Simon!

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